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    A child uncovers places in the heart you never knew existed.

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    Because nurturing a child is life’s most noble calling.


Parenting Consultation and Family Counseling

A family, like a garden, requires time effort and imagination to keep it growing.

Parents are leaders that have taken upon themselves the ultimate responsibility of creating and nurturing another human being.  Whether you love and care for one child or twelve you can benefit from the wise counsel of someone that is not emotionally intertwined with the family dynamics. A licensed family therapist has the skill and insight to guide parents as they embrace this noble task.  

In many cases family challenges emerge at natural transition points in the life cycle (new parents, adolescence, children leaving home, etc.).  Other times something significant and possibly traumatic ​happens​ ​and the family is unable to ​effectively ​process ​it ​(Ex. – death, divorce or sickness). And some families can’t even identify when things ​took a wrong turn​​; they just know something needs to change.

Whatever the reason, by consulting an expert, you are bravely taking a significant step toward establishing a home filled with love and respect; where every family member feels valued and cherished.

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