A Parent’s Honor: A Child’s Privilege (Mishpatim)

“One who curses his mother or father…..” (Exodus 21:15)

The Torah takes the honoring of parents very seriously. Some parents are not comfortable in this role. They don’t feel they deserve such honor and don’t want to impose these requirements on their children. While sounding noble, such an attitude is destructive. Parents should remember 2 things:

  1. Your honor as a parent has nothing to do with you personally, but the role and responsibility you have been entrusted with by G-d.
  2. Honoring you is your child’s mitzvah and is for him. For you to disregard it is to rob him of the opportunity and harm him psychologically and spiritually.

Please be firm and insist that your child honor you (and your spouse), some day he will thank you for it.