Teaching Compassion (Shemot)

“…And Moses matured and went out to his brethren and he empathized with their burdens..” (Exodus 2:11)

Our greatest leader’s first recorded acts were compassionate ones. Some are naturally compassionate, and others hopefully learn. But, how do you teach children compassion? Below are 3 ways to begin:

  1. Help them name and understand their emotions. This gives them a language with which to think about and understand the emotions of others.
  2. Provide firm limits. Limits condition them away from their natural self-centeredness and consider how their actions affect others.
  3. Read stories (or watch other media) together. Discuss what the characters are feeling at different points and have them put themselves in the characters’ shoes.

Start early and with ongoing effort your child will become more sensitive to the thoughts and feelings of others.