One Matzah, One Process

Matzah, fills you up and keeps you satisfied. Jews ate a lot of it as slaves in Egypt.  Strangely enough, God instructed the Jews to eat that very same food on the night before their long awaited redemption. One matzah, two experiences; slavery and freedom. But is it really? Can you experience victory without the pain of loss? Can you appreciate the sweetness of sunshine without the numbing of darkness. Can you enjoy the expansiveness of laughter without the constriction of sadness? In this polarized, temporal existence, these are all 2 sides of one coin, 2 halves of one matzah, and 2 stages in a much deeper process. Until the time when the source of both experiences is revealed we continue to commit ourselves to the process, step by step, taking it all in and experiencing every moment for what it truly is.