God’s Faith in Us (Noach)

Noah believed in God, so he saved himself, but he could not save his world. Abraham believed that God believed in him and therefore he and his children continue to transform the world into a home for the divine.

The faith that we want to imbue our children with is God’s faith in them! We communicate that their birthday is proof they have been placed here by the Creator for a purpose. In challenging times, we express that God trusts and empowers them to persevere. For example, if your child is disappointed because she did not get the grade she wanted on a test ask her: “What do you think Hashem expects from you now?” Never compare her to others (especially not her siblings) and help her take pride in her unique talents and gifts by drawing attention to them and encouraging her to use them to bring more light and joy into the world.

By constantly reaffirming God’s faith in them we give them strength and courage to live a life of meaning and divinely inspired ambition.