You Are Living a Dream

Dreams, the Torah portions we have been reading are filled with images of the unconscious and their interpretations:
Joseph, Pharaoh, his ministers.
The kabbalists say that the events and experiences of our lives resemble a dream. And our will be defined by how we INTERPRET it.
The Hebrew word for dream: חלם
The Hebrew word for bread: לחם
Same letters, different order. Just as dreams require interpretation, so to our human experiences (our “bread”) demands interpretation:
There are 2 ways to relate to one’s “bread”:
1. It keeps me alive (animalistic survival and pleasure)
2. It is the Divine energy invested in the bread that desires and sustains me. (“Not by bread alone is the human being sustained, rather by the expression of the word of God” – Deut. 8:3)
At each moment we get to decide. Who are we relating to:
Creator or creation?