You Called? (Vayikra)

“And He called to Moses and God spoke to him…” (Leviticus 1:1) 

Our sages tell us that every time God communicated with Moshe, He first lovingly called to him by his name: “Moshe…”

Parents, on the other hand, often use their child’s name when they are upset. Some parents are careful to specifically use their full name when they are really upset(“Yosef Shlomo Cohen, come here right now!”).

I want to suggest that because names are so personal, we want to try and have our children associate it and their relationship with us in a positive and loving light. Therefore, whenever we call our children, even if what is to follow is an instruction or a more difficult discussion, we should try and open with an endearing expression of care and closeness. If we can’t, then let’s at least leave their name out of it.