Sinners, Speak Up!

This time of the Jewish year, there is a lot of talk about asking God for forgiveness. Some of us show up for that experience but most don’t. I have this strange sense that for those that don’t, it’s not that they couldn't care less. They care, a lot. The problem is that they have given up on God caring. Pain and then distance has crept into the relationship and we have no idea why we are being…

The Longing of Tisha B'Av Afternoon

As we move into the afternoon hours of this sad day our strength grows. With space to breathe, we consider the Eternal longing for intimacy and closeness and with that thought we reconnect with our own.   We begin to acknowledge our own loneliness and desire for closeness with God, our spouse, our parents, our children, our siblings, our neighbor.   We ask - "What's holding…