10 Suggestions for Encouraging a Jewish “Growth” Mindset in (ourselves and) Our Children:

EMPATHIZE AND MODEL   1. Be open with them regarding your own past struggles and share the work and the process that led you to overcome the challenge. 2. Admit that there are (many) things that you still struggle with every day, haven’t yet mastered, and continue to work on and improve in. NORMALIZE AND EMPOWER 3. Normalize the struggle by explaining that God created us with “competing…

Threat or Opportunity? (Vayera)

When Lot was forced to run away from Sodom and told to flee to the mountains, he begged not to be forced to go there. Why the resistance? Because his uncle Abraham lived there and apparently he did not want to be measured up against him. Lot was more comfortable living in a place like Sodom where he looked like a pretty impressive guy compared to his neighbors. Lot was not concerned about growth.…

The Power of Loss (Terumah)

A parent’s job description is to nurture and guide a child into responsible, self-confident adulthood. A crucial part of this is helping him process failure and loss. We step back from trying to save and rescue and stand by his side as he processes his feelings, learns from what happened and blazes a new path forward. The building of the mishkan (tabernacle) in the desert, was the path the Jewish…