Halacha and Neuroplasticity: Unleashing the 'Authentic Self'

In this lecture, Rabbi Bloom discusses the greatest hidden obstacle to personal growth. More importantly, using our current understanding of the brain and its potential for change (neuroplasticity), he shows you how to sidestep it. But this "trick" is nothing new. It was first revealed to us by the Torah and its emphasis on thought, speech and action. This is presented as an interactive lecture.   Target…

The Kabbalah of Narrative Therapy: Separating People From Problems

In this presentation, Rabbi Bloom introduces the audience to the powerful tools of Narrative Therapy and shows how this approach is rooted in the Torah's distinction between identity and behavior. This class can be presented as a lecture or in-depth text study. Approximate Length:  Text Study - 60 minutes Lecture - 30 minutes Target Audiences: Schools (Parent Night/Adult Ed.) …

Love Your Critics!

  Who’s keeping you small? Who’s convinced you to hide? Along the way we were shot down, criticized or even laughed at and we internalized that experience. We ingested that voice and eventually, it took root in our psyche.  Now, it echoes in our head every time we think about putting ourselves out there, making a splash, and having an impact.  Think about how much beauty and how much greatness…