Injury Becomes Identity

A child is angrily scolded into submission. Out of fear, he complies, he corrects his behavior, the authority figure is satisfied. And there is a cost. "Injury Becomes Identity" The initial cost is the unseen wound of rejection wrought by the trusted elder's anger (children inherently initially trust adults). And that cost festers. It festers into the child's self perception that he…

My Teenage Tears, Toxic Shame and Hakuna Matata

I recently had the pleasure of watching the Lion King with my daughter and nephew. I originally saw it in the theatre when it came out in 1994. I was 18 at the time. It had me in serious tears and I had no idea why. It was actually quite embarrassing because I couldn't hide the tears. It was one of those cries where as hard as you try, the tears won't go back in. Anyway, I liked the original…

Shame v. Guilt and Why It's Important

In this presentation Rabbi Bloom explores the concepts of  shame and guilt, why they appear to be similar, and more importantly, how they are essentially different. He uses Torah sources to illustrate how Judaism embraces guilt rather than shame and explains how guilt can be utilized as a positive force of growth and fulfillment. This class can be presented as a lecture or in-depth text study. Approximate…