That’s a Lot of ‘Do Nots’!

“Love your fellow as yourself”, finally something we can all agree upon. But right before and after those positive, reaffirming words are dozens of “Do Nots” (‘Don’t cheat, gossip, bystand, plant forbidden seed mixtures, etc.).  How does it all fit together and what’s the parenting message?

Kids crave love. And yet, they need something else just as much: Boundaries and limitations (Do Nots).  Boundaries are a deeper (but less obvious) expression of care and concern for one another than overt love and affection. Love can be selfish, while kids intuitively know that setting (appropriate) limits and restrictions is for them. In fact, they won’t trust your love without it.

They may cry and moan, but without the “Do Nots”, love loses its meaning and they may just be asking themselves: “Is this about you or me?”