The Burden of Responsibility

When God places Adam in the Garden to guard and serve it, the verse states:
“And the Lord, God TOOK Adam and PLACED him in the Garden..”
Apparently Adam did not want to go on his own. What was in the way? Was not the garden glorious?
The answer our sages give is that Adam feared responsibility.
Responsibility. Service. Sacrifice. Love.
What if I fail? What if it’s too much for me?
Going beyond one’s small “I” is difficult. The fear of what it might say about me if I do not succeed is overwhelming. The shame of it feels too much to bear.
Hakuna Matata is a lot safer.
So, God got us started, “Here you go, you can do this, it may not be easy but I’ve got your back. We’re doing this together. This is good for our relationship, this is not, but either way we’ll get to where we need to go, as long as you are willing to continue to show up.”