The Burden of Responsibility

When God places Adam in the Garden to guard and serve it, the verse states: "And the Lord, God TOOK Adam and PLACED him in the Garden.." Apparently Adam did not want to go on his own. What was in the way? Was not the garden glorious? The answer our sages give is that Adam feared responsibility. Responsibility. Service. Sacrifice. Love. What if I fail? What if it's too much…

The Second Time Around

"Live as if you were already living for the second time." - V. Frankl This is helpful to me. It gently acknowledges that I get stuck. It makes space for the fear and other motivations outside my awareness that bring me to react to life and other people in a certain way. It acknowledges how that leads to consequences and experiences that may not be in sync with how I truly want to show up…

4 Questions to Get to the Heart of Your Relationship Issues

4 Questions to Get to the Heart of Your Relationship Issues: A deep, intimate relationship is a fountain; a natural source of energy, vitality and joy. We all enter this space seeking to be nourished. Q - Why am I not feeling nourished? The most common cause is that you are not being seen, heard and understood. Q - What might I be doing that makes it hard for me to be seen,…