You Make it All Mean Something

In a couples counseling session, the husband was challenged by his wife to name something that he frequently does to show his love for her.
He said: “What do you mean, everyday, I wake up, I work my a– off to provide, to try and give you a life that feels good to you!”
And she, the perfect response:
“Yeah, but you would do that anyway…even if we weren’t together.”
Immediately, he went from anger to deep sadness, sunk into his chair, withdrew and went silent.
She was right, he would still work. But what she did not understand, because he could not put words to it, was that, yes, he would still work to make money
But It would mean something totally different.
It’s often hard for men to explain to their wives what they “mean to them”, not because they don’t mean much, but because..
Their wives make EVERYTHING they do, actually mean something.
That’s a hard (maybe even frightening) thing for a man to put into words.